Let US Deal With Your Head Lice Issues
Out clients are lice and nit free in only 1 treatment!

badgesAll Head Lice Treatments include a Lifetime Guarantee.
If you follow our guidelines, you will never, ever have to pay for head lice treatment again—we promise!

There’s a lice outbreak at school. Now what? Panic sets in – does my kid have lice? There’s no need to worry. Lice Knowing You© can help take care of all of your lice concerns. From our large line of lice repelling, detection and removal products to our many lice salon locations – we’ve got you covered.

The Lice Knowing You© line of hair care products are 100% natural, chemical and pesticide free. They contain a scientifically developed, proprietary formula of essential oils designed to help detect, remove and eliminate lice safely and effectively! All Lice Knowing You© head lice treatments are doctor recommended and proven to remove to get rid of lice quickly and effectively!

Regardless of where you live or your head lice situation – Lice Knowing You© will help you and your family pick a fight with lice …. And win!

Lifetime Guarantee.
Our Head lice removal services are covered by many insurance companies and 100% covered by flex spending accounts. We provide the necessary paperwork to help you file.